Freaks &


In popular media and culture

            An enrichment class for  advanced learners in 6th – 8th grade.

            Synchronous meetings @ Sherwood Middle School from

            3.15 – 4.15 pm on 4/10 & 5/15. All other classes are virtual

            meetings using an online platform!

Class Description:  Freak; Geek; Lunatic; Savant; Inspiration; Leader! These are all terms that have been used throughout history to describe people who are talented or gifted. In this class, we critically explore the ways that popular media and culture represent this part of our population. We will read excerpts from works by Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, and Sandra Day O’Connor; will watch short excerpts of popular TV shows (like The Big Bang Theory) and movies; and will write about our own experiences as advanced students. All sessions will include opportunities to read, write, think, and collaborate.

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