Chalkboard CLASS Project

In March, 2007 Sherwood School District was one of three Oregon school districts to receive a large Chalkboard Project CLASS (Creative Leadership Achieves Student Success) grant. The intent of the approximate $1.3 million grant was to improve teaching and learning through the development and implementation of creative leadership initiatives ultimately resulting in improved K-12 student achievement and success.

The CLASS Project grant had four required improvement components: Evaluation, Professional Development, Career Paths, and Compensation.  These were all addressed through the collaborative efforts of seven to ten member design teams consisting of certified, classified, and administrative educators.  These teams fine-tuned the employee Evaluation Handbooks based on the Danielson Model, developed Sherwood’s professional development Collaborative Learning Teams (CLTs) based on the Professional Learning Community design, created additional leadership opportunities through an improved stipend structure and career options, and developed an Alternative Compensation (Skip Step) Model where educators are compensated for work done above and beyond their baseline duties. 

 While the CLASS Project was fully implemented in 2011, the impact has been long-lasting and culture changing with high levels of certified participation in the Career Path Skip Step program, ongoing improvement in CLTs, the ability to attract and retain the best teachers, support staff, and administrators, and increased levels of student success.