Dress Code

Board Policy JFCA: Student Dress and Grooming

Responsibility for dress and grooming rests primarily with students and their parents; however, the district

expects student dress and grooming to meet standards which insure that the following conditions do not


1. Disruption or interference with the classroom learning environment.

2. Threat to health and/or safety of the student concerned or of other students.

3.  Clothing decorated or marked with illustrations, words, or phrases which are vulgar, obscene or

promote behavior which violates school conduct standards, or exhibits youth gang related symbols,

colors, or insignias is not permitted.

4. Any display or signal for the purpose of identifying youth gang membership or youth gang support.

Students who represent the school in a voluntary activity may be required to conform to dress and

grooming standards approved by the superintendent and may be denied the opportunity to participate if

those standards are not met.