Distance Learning - Week of April 6-10

posted Apr 3, 2020, 4:21 PM by Christine Andregg

This week we launched the first phase of our Distance Learning Plan. Teachers began posting resources and activities for at-home learning, and we launched our Distance Learning website. It was also great to see nearly 1000 elementary students pick up their Chromebooks and iPads at their schools. A big thanks to our Technology team and school staff, who are working to make sure every student in Sherwood has access to technology!

Orientation to Distance Learning - Week of April 6-10

Next week, students will begin receiving assignments from their teachers as we learn together how to conduct school remotely.  Goals for this week will include:

  • Connect teachers with students to maintain relationships and support social-emotional wellness during this challenging time
  • Continue to provide supplemental learning opportunities 
  • Ensure all students have equitable access to technology and learning opportunities
  • Continue to provide training and support to teachers and administrative staff with tools and techniques to successfully teach remotely
  • Provide students and families additional opportunities to familiarize themselves with the tools and skills needed to learn remotely
  • General education teachers and learning specialists collaborate to begin developing plans for distance learning and special education

Family and Student Roles - Week of April 6-10

  • Set up a place for students to work and study; develop a routine and schedule
  • Ensure that students and families have access to the following platforms, as lessons and activities will be delivered through them:
    • Grades pre-K through 2:  Seesaw (some teachers in grades K-2 may use Google Classroom if their students are already familiar with that platform)
    • Grades 3-5:  Google Classroom
    • Grades 6-12:  Canvas 
  • Check email regularly
  • Engage in the learning activities and opportunities

To Access Help with Technology

  • Troubleshoot on the Distance Learning Support page
  • Reach out to your teacher first for support with class programs and apps
  • Contact the school district’s Technology Help Desk: 
  • Response time may vary depending on the volume of requests

Looking Ahead to the Week of April 13-17 - Implementation of Distance Learning

  • Every student connects with their teacher(s)  
  • Teachers and students focus on the most important or relevant learning 
  • New content may be introduced (depending on course and grade level)  
  • Teachers, families, and caregivers work as a team to co-facilitate learning, design consistent routines, and establish the learning environment
  • Student engagement in learning activities will be used to record progress towards learning goals and standards, grades, and attendance (depending on the course and grade level)

Special Education

As our district begins to provide Distance Learning, special education services will, to the extent practical, focus on delivering services to support progress towards IEP goals, in conjunction with the general education curriculum.  Learning specialists will collaborate with general education teachers to facilitate and develop specially designed instruction and to ensure that the general education curriculum is accessible. 

For the majority of students with disabilities, the IEP can be implemented without the need for significant amendments, but with consideration of the Distance Learning setting and parent input.  In the coming weeks, special education case managers will be connecting with all families of students in special education regarding individualized needs and services within the Distance Learning model.  Specially designed instruction may look significantly different in the online format; however, the focus will remain on progress toward meeting IEP goals. For students with complex needs, an IEP team may need to make individualized decisions regarding changes to the IEP.  

IEP and Eligibility Meetings:

  • Case managers will reschedule any missed IEP meetings
  • Case managers will conduct any already scheduled meetings
  • Case managers will reach out to schedule meetings or discuss any future IEP/eligibility meetings
  • All meetings must take place virtually via Google Hangouts or phone due to social distancing guidelines

With Distance Learning ramping up over the coming days and weeks, we hope students and families are able to develop the routines and structure we know are good for all students.  We look forward to partnering with you and moving Distance Learning forward next week!