Emergency Preparedness

At Sherwood School District, we know you entrust your children to us each day,
and we do not take that responsibility lightly.  The District has worked diligently over
the years to establish comprehensive safety protocols and emergency procedures in order to
help keep our students and staff safe -- on a daily basis, and in the unlikely event of a disaster.

Please take a moment to review this page carefully, as we have included a host of
 information important for our parents and community members to know.

In the unlikely event of an emergency, the District would communicate with parents using our automated calling system (the same system you receive absence notifications from) and FlashAlert.net.  Parents can be sure they are prepared to receive prompt communication from the District by doing two things:
  • Ensure that parent phone numbers, email addresses and emergency contacts are up to date with school office staff and in our student information system, Synergy. 
Remember that the District will only release students to a parent, guardian or an emergency contact listed in our student information system.  That adult will need to present photo ID in order to pick-up a student.

Sherwood School District posts all school closure and delay information via FlashAlert Newswire.  To receive the most current information, visit the FlashAlert Newswire site and register to receive email and/or text message alerts.

In the unlikely event that we need to evacuate a campus and reunite students with their parents at an alternate site, we will follow a specific parent-student reunification procedure.  Parents would be notified of the location and instructions for picking up their student via FlashAlert and/or our automated calling system.  

When a parent arrives at the reunification site, they will need to present photo identification in order to pick-up their child.  Parents, guardians and those listed as emergency contacts in our student information system are the only adults who will be allowed to pick-up a student.  Our staff will remain with and care for all students until one of these authorized adults arrives to collect them.  

Each school has at least one designated off-campus “Safe Place” location where students and staff can relocate to if an evacuation of the building is necessary.  If this were to occur, parents would be notified of the location and procedures for reuniting with their student(s) via our automated calling system and/or FlashAlert.  

Many of our parents of secondary students also designate an alternate, personal, safe location with their child; this might be a neighbor’s home, the library, etc., within a half mile of the school, where their student would have access to a phone.  While we never anticipate students being separated from our staff in an emergency, we know that some families take comfort in having a second location identified, in advance, with their student.

Our schools practice evacuating the building on a monthly basis.  In the event of a real fire at one of our campuses, students would be relocated to an alternate site and we would reunite parents and children through the parent-student reunification process.

The district will conduct one district-wide drill each year, and schools will conduct additional, site-specific drills on a regular basis.   In the event of a real earthquake, we would reunite parents and children through the parent-student reunification process.  Our schools are equipped with supplies to care for students for an extended period of time, should that be necessary.

A Lock-Down is where all students and staff are secured within individual classrooms/offices and there is to be no movement throughout the building.  The actions staff and students will perform are "Locks, Lights, Out of Sight."   The district will conduct one district-wide drill, and schools will conduct one additional, site-specific drill each year.  During a lock-down drill, no one is allowed to enter or exit the campus until the drill has been completed.  In the event of a real lock-down emergency, parents would receive updates and instructions for reunification with their students via FlashAlert and/or our automated calling system.

Our best hope is that we never have the need to utilize our emergency procedures.  
We also know it would be irresponsible not to be trained and equipped
to handle any situation.  

We hope this information is reassuring to our families, who can be confident that we are 
doing everything we can to protect each and every child in our care.