Vision & Goals

2017-18 Superintendent's Goals

1.  The Sherwood School District participated in a district-wide Organizational Assessment over the course of three years, as part of a statewide pilot, beginning in 2014.  Each year, a trained team from outside our district/state would spend a week engaging in conversations with hundreds of our internal and external stakeholders, including staff, students, administrators, community partners, and Board members, in order to provide us feedback on what is going well in the District and, more importantly, how we can improve.  One of the focus areas that emerged through the assessment process as an "Opportunity for Improvement" for our District is in the area of succession planning.

To that end, in combination with a desire and eagerness to nurture and foster our future leaders, the Superintendent will continue during the 2017-18 school year to conduct research and determine the steps necessary to create the foundation for a leadership academy within the District that will support, educate and create mentoring opportunities to teacher leaders within our district.  This framework will be developed in preparation for a Sherwood School District Leadership Academy that will be launched in the fall 2018.

This is year two of a two-year goal.

2.  With the passage of a $247.5M bond in November 2016, many wonderful opportunities are now before us.  In order to address increasing enrollment and challenges related to capacity in our schools, we are building a new high school in a new location, to open in the fall of 2020.  With that opening also comes a multitude of other changes around the District:  both middle schools will come together in the existing high school building; Sherwood MS will be the new home of the current Hopkins staff and students; and Laurel Ridge Middle School will become an elementary (yet to be determined are the grade levels it will house). The changes and moves that will occur with the opening of the new high school will require a great deal of advance planning, preparation, processes, and conversations with stakeholders.  

A few of those include but are not limited to:

a.       Identifying our beliefs related to teaching and learning in a large middle school.

b.      What smaller learning communities could look like in order to help ensure students and              staff are not “lost” in a large middle school environment.

c.       How the physical space in the high and middle schools will need to be adjusted to meet              the needs of a different grade level.

d.      Boundary conversations at the elementary level.

e.       Staffing decisions/adjustments in several schools.

f.       School names, mascots, colors, and the like.  

In order for those decisions to be made thoughtfully and inclusive of the appropriate stakeholders, we must begin that work now -- three, full school years in advance of fall 2020.

Regarding goal two, it is recommended that this is year one of a multi-year goal.

2016-17 Superintendent Evaluation

On August 23, 2017, the Board of Directors discussed the results of Superintendent Heather Cordie's 2016-17 performance evaluation results.  During the regular monthly meeting session that evening, the Board Chair shared Dr. Cordie's evaluation letter (linked here) for the benefit of the meeting attendees.