Superintendent's Office

September 30, 2019

Dear Sherwood School District Community,

This fall marks the beginning of my 10th school year serving as the Superintendent of the Sherwood School District, and the relationships I have had the pleasure to develop over that time have meant more to me than you can imagine.  The community and our parents care so deeply about our students and their success; our staff gives their all, each and every day, in service to the nearly 5,200 students in our care; our Board of Directors leads with the “good of the whole” in mind; our administrators care about people and work hard; and our students…our students...they are the ones that bring the energy and are the reason why we are here! I am so blessed to be a part of this district, and I am excited to share with you some of the work we’ve been up to.

As a reminder, in November 2016 our voters passed the largest capital improvement bond in our district's history; it was a $247.5M bond that addressed many elements, including safety and security, deferred maintenance, technology and curriculum, and adding additional capacity at all levels throughout the District.  Our team and Board of Directors have been working diligently to bring projects to our schools on time and within budget -- so much has already been accomplished, and the year ahead of us will be no different.

As we embark upon another, exciting school year together, there are many things to share with you about the 2019-20 year ahead, and what we accomplished this summer!  The work at our new high school is progressing, and remains on schedule and on budget. Another round of deferred maintenance occurred at several schools this summer - including seismic upgrades, roof repairs, etc.  A key element of the bond is creating additional capacity (or room) at all levels -- to do that, we are “transforming” several buildings, to new levels/schools, effective fall 2020. The work on those Transformations Projects is progressing nicely, and summer 2020 will be pivotal in the completion of those projects and the moves that will ensue. For more information about our bond projects, please visit our website here.

While our Transformations Projects will increase capacity at all schools throughout the District, it will be necessary to conduct a boundary adjustment process at our elementary level to ensure that the capacity within each elementary school is balanced, and to account for future growth within our district.  The adjustment of school attendance boundaries is never an easy process. While we realize that processes like this are emotionally charged, and impacts will be greater for some than others, it is our intent -- and my expectation -- that this process will be one that is transparent, provides opportunities for input, and delivers clear and accurate communication along the way.  For more information about this process, please visit our Boundary Adjustment website here.

Additionally, the passage of House Bill 3427, also known as the Student Success Act, has been a point of focus (and excitement) -- not only here in our district, but all across the state! This legislation aims to correct over three decades of under-investment in our schools and is truly a historic time in Oregon’s history -- especially as it relates to the funding of public education. I am very grateful to all of our staff and community members who supported this legislation through letters or calls to their representatives.  We will be reaching out to our community, students and staff -- every step of the way -- as we determine how to best invest this new funding.

In thinking further about the year ahead, I know there are feelings of excitement, anxiousness, some nerves and anticipation as we think about all of the changes that will take place as we open a new high school and make significant changes to other schools -- those feelings are real and understandable!  That being said, I also want to share with you an additional perspective -- I have been thinking a great deal about this year also being a year of “lasts.” Our last high school graduation at our current stadium; our last year with an elementary school being located in the J. Clyde Hopkins building; and the list goes on. I think it’s important for us all to honor and affirm this year of “lasts,” while also looking eagerly ahead to what our district will “look like” in the fall of 2020.


In closing, I wish you a wonderful school year full of  new learning, caring relationships, good health, and lots of fun!

All the best,

Dr. Heather Cordie


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