District Newsletter Current and Past Issues:

March 2019 (Issue 28)

February 2019 (Issue 27)

January 2019 (Issue 26)

November 2018 (Issue 25)

October 2018 (Issue 24)

June 2018 (Issue 23)

April 2018 (Issue 22)

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February 2018 (Issue 20)

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March 2016 (Issue 5)

February 2016 (Issue 4)

January 2016 (Issue 3)

December 2015 (Issue 2)

November 2015 (Issue 1)

New District Newsletter

Our communications to stakeholders have traditionally been formatted as a narrative in an email.  In November, we launched a new format for our broad communications, that of a District Newsletter.  The newsletter will replace your regular updates from the Superintendent’s Office, but it will continue to include District-wide information and interest pieces that all staff, families and community members have grown to rely on to know what’s happening in Sherwood School District.  Our hope is that this new, redesigned communication will be your “go-to” source for the latest information related to District news.  All newsletters will be distributed to Key Communicator subscribers and Sherwood School District staff as a link in an email.  The link to the current issue and archived newsletters will also be included in the weekly emails sent to parents from school principals. (To become a Key Communicator subscriber, visit the District Office web site home page and enter your email address into the field provided at the bottom right of the page.)