2014-15 Technology Grants

"Technology has forever changed not only what we need to learn, but the way we learn."
International Society for Technology in Education 

The use of technology is no longer a nicety.  It is critical that educators thoroughly understand how to employ technology to improve learning, productivity, and  efficiency and that these same skills are taught to our students.   Used and taught effectively, technology results in the following (according to ISTE, 2012).

  • Higher-order thinking skills, such as problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity
  • Students prepared for their future in a competitive global job market
  • Student-centered, project-based, and online learning environments
  • Systemic change in our schools to create digital places of learning
  • Digital age professional models for working, collaborating, and decision making
To view the application and scoring criteria, click HERE.

We congratulate our 2013-2014 award winners.
Ian Lake
Patrick Leitch
Anna Wiehe
Megan Radocha
Briana Dannen
Micki Vanderberg
Brianne Roby
Cyndi Gaub

2013-14 Technology Grants

We congratulate our 2013-2014 award winners.
Andrea Clyde
Brady Strutz
Karen Grant
Kate Moffenbeier
Maria Grant
Mikal Morris
Nathan Yoder
Patrick Shuckerow
Reno Zielsdorf
Sarah Dickerson
Sheila Hurley

2012-13 Technology Grants

We congratulate our 2012-2013 award winners.
Miranda Johnson, Heidi Patterson, Melanie Himmelright
Debbie Nelson
Mikal Morris
Casey Brennan, Marika Conrad, Emily Tuttle
Amy Moore
Stacey Bahns, Emily Conrad, Jeff Schot, Jennica Smith
Patrick Shuckerow
Cassie Russell, Mili WIlkinson
Alexandra Warren
Eileen Cooper, Marian Wattman Oshima
Cara Bobeda, Julie Heizelman
Doug Luthy, Jim Winkler
Debbie Frankel
Tali Barrett, Renee Shilling, Susan Wieske, Megan Willis
Lisa Baggia, Kimberely Heye, Angi Muckey, Windi Struck