Other Water Testing

Periodically Sherwood School District will conduct various water quality testing in response to observations made during routine maintenance inspections or concerns brought to the school districts attention.  Below you will find information and test results.

Hopkins Elementary (Water discoloration) (last updated 7-11-17)

Discoloration of the water coming out of some of the faucets in Hopkins Elementary during the week of April 24th, 2017.  Samples were taken from select water fixtures on Wednesday (4/26/17).  Out of abundance of caution all water fixtures were taken out of service (covering with a plastic bag and attaching a sign indicating this fixture is out of service until further notice.)  Bottled water and hand sanitizer was supplied to the school for occupant use while the water fixtures were out of service.  Sherwood School District partnered with the City of Sherwood Public Works department and PBS Environmental Engineering to investigate and test the water quality to determine the cause of the discoloration.  Results and mitigation steps are noted below.

(When Applicable)
 Hopkins ElementaryDiscoloration of water noticed.
Samples taken from select fixtures for Microbiological Analysis. Result microbes were absent from the water samples. Water safe to drink NO Total Coliforms or E. coli reported. 
 Fixtures taken out of service until test results received.  Test results confirmed water safe to drink.  Waiting on additional tests to open water up for drinking.  Water was opened up for hand-washing only, until SSD can confirm cause of discoloration.

SSD Hopkins Elementary - Microbiological Analysis - Alexin Analytical Laboratories, Inc. (4/27/17) 
 Hopkins Elementary SSD partnered with PBS Environmental to investigate the water discoloration to determine the cause.  PBS recommended select samples to be taken for Turbidity testing.  PBS observed the water was not discolored at the time samples were taken. PBS Environmental's initial expert opinion is intermittent discoloration can be a result of corrosion of the domestic water steel pipes.  PBS issued an initial Memorandum dated 5/8/17, and a final report dated 5/31/17.

After the confirmation from PBS that there are no health concerns with the drinking water at Hopkins Elementary, the drinking fountains were made available for use on Wednesday (5/10/17).

 Hand-washing fixtures were opened for use after PBS confirmed there were no health concerns for hand washing.  Drinking fountains remained out of service until cause of discoloration was determined.   Bottled water was supplied for occupant use until after cause of discoloration was verified and it was determined by PBS that there were no health concerns. 

SSD Hopkins Elementary - PBS Environmental Memorandum (5/8/17)

SSD Hopkins Elementary - PBS Environmental Final Report (5/31/17)