Special Programs Department

Mission Statement

The Special Programs Department strives to offer specialized programs to students with unique learning needs. The goal is for every child to experience school success and to make significant progress towards meeting state and district standards. We are committed to providing children with the instruction and support needed to benefit from their educational experiences and to become contributing members of the community.

Karen Dalbey

Director of Special Programs

Phone: (503) 825-5033
Fax: (503) 825-5001

Lorinda Kirkland

Special Programs Teacher on Special Assignment

Phone: (503) 825-5030
Fax: (503) 825-5001

Peggy Harbick

Special Programs Data and Support Specialist
Phone: (503) 825-5031
Fax: (503) 825-5001

Mary Huffman

Special Programs Teacher on Special Assignment
Phone: (503) 825-5480
Fax: (503) 825-5001