The following resources are not affiliated with Sherwood School District, however they are provided here for your convenience. 

Oregon Health Plan (OHP):

OHP provides little- or no-cost health care for those who qualify.  Click on the links below for more information.

Oregon Health Plan Click here

Plan de Salud de Oregon  (Oregon Health Plan: Spanish)  Haga clic aqui

Applying for Health Coverage:

Oregon Health Plan Application (English)  Click here

Solicitud de Cobertura de Salud (Spanish Application)  Haga clic aqui

Coordinated Care Organization Information   Click here
Informacion Sobre Organizaciones De Cuidado Coordinado  Haga clic aqui
Note:  Information about CCO "FamilyCare" closing January, 2018 Click here

    Washington County Health Care Resources
        Click here
    Recursos Cuidado De Salud Del Condado De Washington  Haga clic aqui
    Map (mapa) of some Health Care Resources/Locations in Washington County

    School-Based Health Center at Tualatin High School, serving Sherwood students:

        Frequently Asked Questions:   Click here
    Centro de Salud Escolar en la Escuela Preparatoria Tualatin, sirviendo a los estudiantes de Sherwood:
        Preguntas Frequentes acerca de los Centros de Salud Escolares (C.S.E.):  Haga clic aqui

    Dental Resources for Portland Metro Area:
    •    MTI (Medical Teams International) Dental Hotline (urgent dental needs only):  
          Linea Dental (Dental Hotline) Solamente Urgencias Dentales (urgent dental needs only)
          Español:  503-343-3370
    • Virginia Garcia Memorial Dental Hotline (in English and Español)
      • Beaverton Dental (503) 718-3675
      • Cornelius: (503) 359-8505
      • Hillsboro:  (503) 352-2354
      • McMinnville:  (503) 883-4700
      • Newberg: (971) 281-3050
      • Tualatin School-Based Health Center: (503) 431-5975 (dental hygienist available)
    • All Saints Episcopal Church Dental Van (with MTI): (503) 777-3829
      Urgent Dental Needs Only
    • PCC Dental Clinic Sylvania Campus: (971) 722-4909
      Exams, Cleanings, Fillings, X-rays and sealants
    • Pacific University: (503) 352-7373
      Cleanings and Exams Only 
    • Tigard Family Dental: (503) 968-2901
      Provides discount for those without insurance, also accepts OHP
    • Braces Assistance for Low Income Families:  
      $30 Application Fee
      $650 Required Financial Investment
      Click HERE for more information and application process

    Poison Center Information:  Click here for information
     Centro Toxicologico de Oregon (Poison Center Info in Spanish)   Haga clic aqui

    The Oregon Poison Center is a 24-hour health care information and treatment resource serving Oregon, Alaska and Guam.

    The poison center was established by an act of the Oregon State Legislature in 1978 to provide emergency treatment information for patients experiencing a poisoning or toxic exposure. The Oregon Poison Center is also responsible for providing public outreach and education to health care professionals. The Poison Center staff is made up of doctors and nurses trained in toxicology. Our staff handles nearly 60,000 calls a year.

    The Oregon Poison Center Web site is NOT a substitute for talking with a trained Poison Specialist. In the case of an emergency, you should always contact your regional poison control center (1 800 222-1222) or 911 emergency services for help.

    Head Lice: (this information is from Sherwood School District Policy "Pediculosis [Head Lice]")
    Piojos De La Cabeza (Spanish)

    The Board recognizes that district programs should be conducted in a manner that protects and enhances student and employee health and is consistent with recognized health practices. Consequently, in order to prevent the spread of pediculosis (head lice) in the school setting, district staff shall institute guidelines for classrooms that will assist in the prevention and spread of head lice. Students with suspected cases of lice will be referred to the school nurse or administrator or designated personnel for assessment. Students found with live lice will be excluded from school. Students excluded from school will be readmitted after assessment by designated personnel to confirm no lice are present.  Students found with nits (lice eggs) only or returning after exclusion with the presence of nits only will not be excluded, but will be subject to periodic checks to confirm continuing absence of live lice.

    Successful treatment of head lice requires a coordinated approach and may involve the use of antilouse products, combing, and implementation of preventative measures recommended by health authorities. The district will provide parents of students found to have contracted head lice with treatment information. It is the district’s intent to not only eliminate the current infestation, but also to prevent a repeat episode.

    The superintendent will develop administrative regulations, as necessary, to implement this policy.

    HANDWASHING (Lavado de Manos):  

    Please see this important information about handwashing and disease prevention from the CDC:

    "Clean Hands Save Lives"  Click here

    "El lavado de las manos: Las manos limpias salvan vidas"  Haga clic aqui

    Chicken Pox

    Information about Chicken Pox  Click here

    Informacion de Varicela Haga clic aqui


    Information about Conjunctivitis Click here

    Informacion de Conjuntivitis (ojo rojo)  Haga clic aqui


    Information about Enterovirus (D68) Click here

    Informacion de Enterovirus (D68) Haga clic aqui

    Fifth Disease

    Information about Fifth Disease Click here

    Informacion de Quinta Enfermedad Haga clic aqui

    Flu (Influenza)

    Information about Flu Click here

    Informacion de Gripe (Influenza) Haga clic aqui

    HFM (Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease)

    Information about HFM Click here

    Informacion de Enfermedad Boca-Mano-Pie Haga clic aqui


    Information about Impetigo Click here

    Informacion de Impetigo Haga clic aqui


    Information about Measles Click here

    Informacion de El Sarampion Haga clic aqui


    Information about MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) Click here

    Informacion de Staphylococcus Aureus resistente a la meticilina Haga clic aqui


    Information about Norovirus Click here

    Informacion de Norovirus Haga clic aqui

    Pertussis (Whooping Cough)

    Information about Pertussis Click here

    Informacion de Tos Ferina Haga clic aqui


    Information about Ringworm Click here

    Informacion de Tiña Haga clic aqui


    Information about Scabies Click here

    Informacion de Sarna Haga clic aqui

    Concussion Information: 

    Asthma Control Program:  Healthy Homes - Washington County Health and Human Services

    Healthy Homes is an asthma control program designed to improve asthma outcomes for children. This program can improve asthma symptoms and reduce emergency room visits and hospitalizations. 
    Children referred to Healthy Homes will receive home visits by an experienced public health nurse and community health worker. They will work with the child and his or her family to improve treatment management and reduce environmental triggers in the home.

    To be eligible, children must be 18 years old or younger, live in Washington County, and have a diagnosis of asthma or a history of persistent wheezing. The services are provided at no charge to the family.