2017-2018 Immunization Requirements (English) Click here
2017-2018 Requisitos de Vacunas (Español) [Immunization Requirements in Spanish] Haga Clic Aqui

Exclusion Information:   Exclusion Day for 2018 was Wednesday, February 21, 2018  for children who were not up-to-date on their vaccines.  We will post the 2019 date as soon as possible.
Individuals can see their health care provider, go to their school-based health center, or attend one of several immunization clinics listed on this link for vaccinations:  Click here

Donde Puede Obtener Las Vacunas Escolares Requeridas Para su Hijo/a Haga clic aqui

Washington County Immunization Resources:  Click here.

Recursos de atención Vacunas del Condado de Washington:   Haga Clic Aqui

Immunizations through the School-Based Health Center at Tualatin High School:  Click Here 
Vacunas por medio del Centro de Salud en la Escuela Preparatoria Tualatin: vaya "select language" y elija "Español".


Providence Medical Group in Sherwood participates in the Vaccines for Children (VFC) Federal program.  Vaccines are free of charge for children that have State insurance (Oregon Health Plan), no insurance, or are underinsured (health plans that do not cover vaccines).  The only charge to the patient would be a $21 administration fee for each vaccine.  Providence requires the patient to have an office visit with one of the Providence Physicians, which they would be billed for.  Providence has Financial Aid available.  Providence will not turn anyone away due to low income or no insurance.  You may contact Providence Medical Group at 503-216-9600 for questions about the Vaccines for Children program.

NUNM Beaverton Health Center (National University of Natural Medicine) also participates in the Vaccines for Children program.  The vaccines are free, but the patient is asked to cover the administration fees:  $20 for the first vaccine, $15 for each additional vaccine.  By law, the fees will be waived if a patient is unable to pay.  For more information:  Click here.

NUNM Vaccination Quick Reference Guide:  Click here / Haga Clic Aqui.

Please read the following immunization reminder for 6th grade students 
(going into 7th grade):

Informacíon de Tdap en el Condado de Washington (Españ
ol) [Washington Co. Tdap Information in Spanish]


How to Claim a New Nonmedical Exemption to the Immunization Requirements in Oregon (formerly called "Religious Exemption Law")  Click here.

Informacíon Sobre Exencíon No-Medica (antes llamada Ley de Exencíon Religiosa) (Español) Haga clic aqui.