Counseling Services 

Guidance Curriculum 

Counselors teach and/or provide classroom lessons and collaborate with teachers on topics that facilitate student acquisition of skills in the three areas of academics, career awareness, and personal/social development .  

Responsive Services 
  1. Individual counseling 
  2. Counseling groups 
  3. Parent, teacher, student collaboration 
  4. Crisis counseling and response 
  5. Referral services 
  6. Mediation 

Individual Student Planning 

  1. Individual appraisal of abilities, interests, skills and achievement 
  2. Five-year educational plan established for each student in grades 9-12 
  3. Transition planning Elementary to Middle and Middle to High School 
  4. Student Assistance Teams to address academic/behavioral concerns and to promote student success 

System Support Services 

  1. Consultation with parents, teachers, administrators 
  2. Program coordination 
  3. Professional development 
  4. Community outreach 

Student Advocacy 

  1. Work for the personal success and self-advocacy of every student 
  2. Identify and minimize barriers to learning 
  3. Promote equity 

More information can be found on the American School Counselor's Association (ASCA) website

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