SSD Director of Technology to join Salem-Keizer School District as new principal

posted Apr 29, 2016, 3:33 PM by Tianna Hubbenette
After serving in Sherwood School District since 2007, Dr. Suzanne West, Director of Technology and Innovation, has accepted a principal position with Salem-Keizer School District. 

“Dr. West has been instrumental in transforming our District’s approach to technology; she is an instructional leader, first and foremost, and has led accordingly. We are thankful for her years of service and dedication and wish her all the best in the next step of her career,” said Superintendent Heather Cordie. 

Dr. Suzanne West first joined Sherwood School District as a Humanities teacher, teaching first at Sherwood Middle School in 2007, and later at Laurel Ridge Middle School, beginning in 2009. Dr. West served the next two years at Laurel Ridge, splitting her time as Instructional Coach and Assistant Principal, then as Assistant Principal and Director of Technology and Innovation. In February 2013, Dr. West became the Director of Technology and Innovation full-time, where she has remained through this school year. 

Reflecting on her career with the District, Dr. West shared, “I am grateful for my Sherwood experiences and for the quality colleagues and Sherwood families who have supported me and worked alongside me in each of my roles during my nine years with the District. As I undertake this next challenge, I will certainly draw on all that I have learned while in Sherwood.” The Sherwood School District will keep the community apprised of next steps and will engage stakeholders in the process that will lead to identifying suitable candidates to fill this position.
Tianna Hubbenette,
Apr 29, 2016, 3:33 PM