Sherwood schools earn high marks from ODE

posted Aug 8, 2012, 2:31 PM by Corey Thompson
The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) released performance data for all Oregon schools using a new model recently approved by the Federal Government.  While the old model largely judged schools on the number of students who passed the test and met a set standard of achievement, the new model largely evaluates school performance based on the amount of improvement or growth students show in a given year.  Many believe this provides a more accurate assessment of student and school performance.

Sherwood schools were among the state's top performers.  Archer Glen and Edy Ridge Elementary schools were given the maximum number of points under the rating, showing strong performance in every category.  Based on current data, only ten schools in the state received the maximum possible points in all three categories on which elementary schools are rated: achievement, growth, and subgroup growth.  

Middleton, Hopkins, and Sherwood High School were all rated by ODE as being Level 5 schools, the highest rating.  Level 5 schools are the top tier and include only the top 10 percent of schools statewide.  Both middle schools were ranked as Level 4 schools.  According to the Oregonian, only five percent of middle schools and six percent of high schools statewide were rated as Level 5 schools while twelve percent of elementary schools earned the state's top tier.

Hopkins Elementary was named a Model School by the state for their work with disadvantaged students and traditionally underperforming subgroups such as students in special education and English language learners.  Under the new model of accountability in Oregon, Model Schools are asked to coach underperforming schools to help them improve.

The Oregonian reported on Friday, August 3rd that Sherwood has “...standout schools across the economic spectrum."  Although there is still much work to do, this is a great source of pride for the Sherwood community and the hard working teachers and classified staff who educate our children.

For more information, contact Gary Bennett, Chief Academic Officer, at 503-825-5010.