Press Release: Sherwood Graduation Rates Among Best in Oregon

posted Jan 29, 2015, 10:16 AM by Tianna Hubbenette   [ updated Jan 29, 2015, 10:17 AM ]
Today the Oregon Department of Education released data on graduation rates for all high schools in the State of Oregon for the 2013-14 school year.  Sherwood High performed exceptionally well with 92.67% of students graduating within four years and over 93% completing high school within five years.  Sherwood School District had the highest graduation rate of any district in the state with over 100 students in their graduating class.

Improving high school graduation rates has been a source of pride and a focus of Sherwood High School for several years.  High school teachers and administrators focus on a successful 9th grade transition and monitor the progress towards graduation of all students.  They provide a variety of supports to students who are struggling and intervene to help as early as possible.  Their efforts are paying off, as Sherwood continues to have graduation rates among the highest in the Oregon.

“Sherwood High School remains committed to the success of all our students and we are proud of their efforts.  Our students, staff and community continue to strive toward ensuring that all of our students are college and career ready upon graduation,” said Sherwood High School Principal, Ken Bell.

A deeper look at the current data reveals other areas of strength as well as some areas for growth in the future.  70% of Hispanic/Latino students graduated within four years and 96.55% completed high school within five years.  80.65% of students in the Underserved Races/Ethnicities category graduated from high school in four years and 97.37% graduated in five years.  The graduation rates for these students are a source of pride for the District as they fall well above the state averages.  

While only 51.11% of students with disabilities graduated from high school in four years across the state, 67.65% graduated in four years and 81.08% graduated in five years from Sherwood High School.  While Sherwood’s rates were well above the state average, they also point to areas of growth where the District continues to work to improve outcomes for all students.  A diverse group of stakeholders consisting of community members, School Board members, and district staff identified closing the achievement gap as an area of focus in the District’s strategic plan.  “We are working collaboratively to continue to ensure student success and improve graduation rates for all students,” said Gary Bennett, Chief Academic Officer.

For more information, contact the Office of Teaching and Learning at 503-825-5011. 

Tianna Hubbenette,
Jan 29, 2015, 10:17 AM