ODE School Performance Data Released

posted Sep 10, 2014, 9:30 AM by Tianna Hubbenette   [ updated Oct 9, 2014, 1:00 PM ]
The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) released school performance data on Wednesday, September 10, showing the percentage of students who met and exceeded standards on the Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (OAKS) in reading, writing, math, and science.  Sherwood exceeded the state average in all subjects at every grade level. 

According to the data released on Wednesday, there are areas of strength and areas for improvement.  

The largest area of growth was high school writing scores.  The scores increased 18.5% from the 2012-13 school year to 79.6% meeting the standard.  We attribute this success to a commitment by all high school staff to teach writing, the efforts of our Language Arts teachers, and the implementation of a quality testing environment.  While we are proud of these results, we have plans in place for each student who did not pass the writing exam to remain on track for graduation.  Like our writing scores, our graduation rates have also been among the highest in the state.

High school reading also showed strong results with greater than 95% meeting the standard, the highest number the state will report.  The same trend occurred in middle school reading scores.  The number of middle school students meeting state standards in reading increased by 3.2% to 86.2%.  Elementary reading scores declined slightly, roughly in line with declines statewide.    

There were also strengths in the math scores.  High school math scores showed a 1.1% increase from the previous year to 85.8% meeting and exceeding.  Middle schools showed a similar pattern with an increase of 1.4% from the previous year to 82.1% meeting and exceeding the standards.  The elementary math scores were down slightly, but less so than the state average.

Science scores showed mixed results.  The number of high school students meeting or exceeding the standard increased by 7.2%.   Middle school students increased by 3.6%.  The number of elementary school students meeting or exceeding standards decreased by 4.8%.

“Although our scores are among the strongest in the metro area, we continue to look for ways to improve,” said Superintendent Heather Cordie.  “Our dedicated team of administrators, teachers, and classified staff are invested in providing quality education for all of our students.”

The District is committed to continuous improvement and will develop a new strategic plan in the coming months.  We expect this process and corresponding plan to sharpen our focus and drive our work over the next few years.