ODE Releases School Report Cards

posted Oct 10, 2013, 1:12 PM by Corey Thompson
The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) issued a revamped report card for all Oregon schools using a new model recently approved by the Federal Government.  While the old model largely judged schools on the number of students who passed the test and met a set standard of achievement, the new model largely evaluates school performance based on the amount of improvement or growth students show in a given year. Many believe this provides a more accurate assessment of student and school performance.  The achievement data in this report card is identical to the data released in September, but uses the data to rate schools on a variety of measures.

Sherwood schools were among the state's top performers, with all schools receiving a rating of Level 4 or Level 5.  Edy Ridge and Middleton Elementary schools were rated as Level 5 as was Sherwood High School.  Level 5 is the highest rating given by the state and Level 5 schools are the top 10% of schools in the state based on the report card rating system.

Archer Glen, Hopkins, and both middle schools were rated as Level 4 overall.  Hopkins and Archer Glen were rated as Level 5 last year.  In every school and subject rated, Sherwood students demonstrated more growth on average than their academic peers with similar achievement histories from across the state.  This means our schools scored above the median when compared with other schools with similar levels of achievement. 
There was a general trend of lower scores across the state in the 2012-13 school year and Sherwood Schools were no exception.  While Sherwood High School has always been near the top of the state in writing, their scores fell significantly this year.  In addition, Sherwood Schools saw flat or slightly lower scores when compared to the previous year in several grade levels and subjects. 

We have examined our data and our practices thoroughly and identified areas for improvement.  Each school has set specific goals to increase student achievement and developed plans to reach them.  We made strategic investments during our budget cycle for the current school year to address areas in need of improvement.  For example, two areas where our scores fell were middle school reading and elementary school math.  At the middle level, we invested in an online reading program and professional development to help our students who are struggling.  At the elementary level, we invested in staffing math intervention support for our students who need extra help, building on a model that has proven successful at the middle level.  

At the high school level, we have examined our process for teaching and assessing writing, as well as our testing procedures and protocols and made some important changes.  For example, all students will now complete two writing work samples, assessed using the same criteria as the state, during their junior and senior years.  Structural changes are in place regarding how we will administer the assessment to ensure distractions are limited and all students have sufficient time to complete their best work.  We are committed to continuous improvement.  

Superintendent Dr. Heather Cordie stated that, "We are proud of our strong achievement across the board and look forward to improving our performance this school year.  We appreciate the hard work and commitment of our teachers and classified staff who dedicate themselves to serving our students and our community."