CLASS Grant Update

posted Apr 27, 2012, 8:56 AM by Corey Thompson   [ updated Apr 27, 2012, 8:57 AM ]
Sherwood Teachers Receive Career Level 3 Advancement
    In 2007 Sherwood School District was awarded a CLASS (Creative Leadership Achieves Student Success) grant by the Chalkboard Project.  The grant provided funds for research, design and implementation in four critical areas:  Evaluation, Professional Development, Career Paths and Compensation.  The District is pleased to announce that several Sherwood teachers participating in the Career Pathways will move to Career Level 3, the most advanced level, and receive a financial reward for their professional practice. CLASS grant dollars not only provided the means for the District to implement its goal of offering Sherwood staff meaningful and rewarding opportunities for advancement in the profession, based on the acquisition of skills and practices that lead to effective teaching and learning but also provided the means to recognize these employees whose efforts led directly to their improved job performance.  In order to reach Career Level 3 Sherwood teachers must participate in professional activities to earn 200 professional practice points directly linked to the four domains that comprise the teacher evaluation system and a fifth area, operations and activities.  These Sherwood teachers are the first group to advance to Career Level 3 since the inception of this model.  The District congratulates them on this achievement and looks forward to other teachers attaining this status in the years to come.

 For more information contact: Michelle DeBoard, Director of Human Resources (503) 825-5020.

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