Android Phone Technology Issue

posted Dec 21, 2018, 12:20 PM by Christine Andregg
This morning, our Technology Department was alerted to an issue with Synergy's StudentVue that may occur on Android phones running version 5.2.1.  When accessing StudentVuew on Android phones, some students may receive an emergency alert, which states that there is an emergency at their school, and asks them to indicate whether they are at school and are safe.

There is no emergency at any of our districts schools at this time, and all schools are currently closed for the Winter Break.  Our Technology staff have determined that this message is a result of a bug in Synergy's emergency notifications system.

This issue can be resolved by updating Android phones to version 5.2.2, which was just released this morning.  If your student receives this emergency alert, they should upgrade their Android phones to version 5.2.2 immediately.

We apologize to any students or families affected by this software bug, and give a huge thanks to our Technology Department for working so quickly to investigate the issue.