A message from Superintendent Cordie

posted Dec 14, 2012, 2:13 PM by Corey Thompson   [ updated Jan 17, 2013, 3:01 PM ]

Families, staff and community members,


As you likely have already seen on the news, a horrific school shooting occurred in an elementary school in Connecticut today.  We are all deeply saddened by this tragic event.  People often seek information about what they can do to support their children and to better understand the procedures in place to keep their children safe at school.  This is a normal and appropriate reaction in a situation such as this.


The District has worked diligently over the years on our safety protocols, including partnering with local law enforcement.  Our buildings are equipped with updated security features, our schools conduct regular drills and our staff is trained in lockdown procedures.


We have a close partnership with the City of Sherwood and Sherwood Police Department.  We have been in contact with the Chief of Police today and he is committed to maintaining visibility and presence of officers in and around our schools.


Staff will continue to approach any adult not wearing a staff or visitor badge on any of our campuses.  Please help us by checking in at the main office and wearing a visitor’s badge every time you enter our buildings.


We wish to remind parents that in the unlikely event of an emergency, the District would communicate with SSD parents using our automated phone system and FlashAlert.net.  Parents can be sure they are prepared to receive prompt communication from the District by doing two things:

1. Ensure that parent phone numbers are up to date with school office staff or in our student information system, eSIS

2. Sign up to receive Flash Alert messages, bookmark the FlashAlert website or download the FlashAlert app


Below we have posted several links to resources for families to provide guidance on how to support your children during tragic events.  Counselors in each school are also available to support students should they experience anxiety or stress.


Helping Children Cope with a Crisis

Tips for Talking With and Helping Children and Youth Cope After a Disaster or Traumatic Event

Tips for Parents on Media Coverage


This tragedy reminds us that we must do everything we can to keep our students and staff safe and out of harm’s way.  As a mom with a child in this district, tragic events such as this impact me on both personal and professional levels.  Please rest assured the well being of our children is my highest concern.


We send our deepest sympathies to the students, teachers and families of Sandy Hook Elementary School.