78% of Sherwood teachers participate in 2014 TELL Oregon Survey

posted May 28, 2014, 1:52 PM by Corey Thompson
The TELL Oregon Survey was administered last month by the Oregon Department of Education to teachers across the state.  TELL, which stands for Teaching, Empowering, Leading and Learning, is an anonymous, optional survey designed to provide state and school district leaders with input directly from teachers as to how Oregon schools may be improved.

Approximately 220 teachers from Sherwood School District and almost 20,000 state-wide responded to questions about class sizes, facilities, resources, community support, teacher and school leadership, instructional practices, and other relevant topics.

School districts with response rates over 35% and individual schools with over 50% received school and district-specific data.  All Sherwood Schools reached this threshold, providing a wealth of information for district administrators to use for school improvement planning.  

“We are so pleased at the high number of respondents from our District,” said Superintendent Heather Cordie.  “We encouraged teachers to participate, and we embrace the feedback they have provided to us through this survey.”

The District is in the process of analyzing the results and incorporating various elements into plans for the next school year.  While only 14% of Sherwood teachers agreed that their class sizes are reasonable such that they have the time available to meet the needs of all students (compared to the state-wide average of 24.5%), they responded more favorably to all other categories within the survey, when compared to the average responses from across the state.  

“While the vast majority of our results revealed that Sherwood teachers rate our district higher than the state average; we are always striving to improve and will be looking for ways, based on the data, that we can better support our teachers,” said Superintendent Cordie.

State and district survey results are available on the TELL Oregon website at www.telloregon.org.

For more information, contact the Superintendent’s Office at 503-825-5003.