Superintendent's Office

Dear Sherwood School District Community:

Welcome to the 2017-18 school year!  This new start is especially exciting, and I’m eager to share with you some of the things we are looking forward to this year.

This fall, the Sherwood School District is beginning the rollout of 1:1 devices in Sherwood Schools, which has been made possible with the passage of the bond and your support and investment in Sherwood Schools.  This year, all students in grades 6-12 will receive their own Chromebook.  Next year, in 2018-19, technology for grades K-5 will be deployed.  Access to this technology is an amazing opportunity for our students to learn in a 21st Century environment and to help prepare them for college and career.  We expect to continue to share news related to the technology rollout as we start the year and in the months ahead, so please continue to visit our web site, read your principal emails, and look for updates in the District Newsletter!

Speaking of the 2016 Capital Bond Program, bond-supported projects have been in progress this summer all across the District, with many being completed already.  (Hopefully you’ve noticed the signs in front of schools, highlighting the summer projects!)  Some of the work being done this summer has included: roofing repairs, chimney demolition at Hopkins, soccer field drainage at Edy Ridge, track and turf replacements at Sherwood High School, and the construction of secure entry vestibules in three schools (Hopkins, Archer Glen and Middleton).  The design process for the new high school continues to progress forward, and input from stakeholders (such as staff, students, coaches, and others) remains an important element in the design development process, from the layout of the school itself, to the programmatic needs.

Now, on to the Strategic Plan.  You may recall, in 2014-15, we began development of our Strategic Plan.  Over time, the priority goals and focus areas of the plan have evolved with the completion of initiatives, and with the changing needs of the District.  We are excited to share our updated Strategic Plan with you this fall, which includes some new and revised goals and objectives that will help to guide our work this year, and beyond.  In addition to adding technology as a focus area, we are also prioritizing equity work as a District.

Over the past couple of years, we have taken great strides in our District’s equity work.  Last year, a dedicated group of staff participated on a district-wide Equity Team in order to begin laying the foundation for those conversations, district-wide.  An Equity Lens has been created to guide us in our discussions and decision-making, and we have begun to engage with our community in new ways in order to help ensure that the voices of all our students and families are “present” in our conversations.  The color of a student’s skin, a handicapping disability, or his/her family's income should not contribute to the predictability of that student’s achievement.
You’ve heard me say before how important relationships are to us in Sherwood School District.  From the neighbors and businesses who support our schools, to parents and local leaders, and from students of all ages, to the staff that serve them - we are very fortunate to enjoy such a special community, where Sherwood Schools are supported, and we are so thankful for the partnerships we hold with our stakeholders.  
As we embark on another school year with limitless achievements and celebrations ahead (and surely some challenges, too), we look forward to sharing in them all alongside you throughout 2017-18!

All the best,
Heather Cordie

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