Superintendent's Office

Dear Sherwood School District Community,

With the start of the new school year well underway, I find myself reflecting on the amazing work that is being accomplished across the District, both inside our classrooms, and beyond!  This summer was busy with construction and site improvements at many of our schools, and as the finishing touches are completed on these projects, our team is shifting our focus to the work that lies before us as we plan for summer 2019 projects.

In November 2016 our voters passed the largest capital improvement bond in our District’s history; it was a $247.5M bond that addressed many elements, including safety and security, deferred maintenance, technology and curriculum, and adding additional capacity at all levels all across the District.  Our team and Board of Directors have been working diligently to bring projects to our schools on time and within budget -- so much has already been accomplished, and the next two years will be no different.

Our new high school site is starting to take shape as the building is beginning to emerge from the ground!  It has been an amazing process, and for details about that project and all of the other bond projects, I encourage you to visit the bond portion of our website.  In addition to the new, 73 acre high school, and of equal importance, is the work we are doing to transform our current high school to a new, unified middle school in fall 2020; and then transforming the current middle schools to elementary schools, in the same timeline.  We have advisory committees made up of staff and parents, working on those transformations projects.

Last year at this time we were gearing up for our 1:1 device deployment for grades 6-12, and this year we are focused on grades K-5.  The work of our Technology Team, as they have helped to ensure a roll out that has been as smooth as possible, has been amazing! This year will be another exciting round of progress being made in our District, as we continue to put technology into all of our students’ hands -- helping to eliminate the opportunity gap by helping to ensure all of our students have that access -- including assisting with internet access at home for those students whose families cannot afford that service, otherwise.

While we are on the topic of equity, and as our demographics are continually changing,  I want to take this opportunity to share with you that all across the District we are working purposefully to help bring our equity-related conversations to the forefront.  As a foundation of this work, we have developed the Sherwood School District Equity Lens -- which is, ultimately, a series of questions we should be asking ourselves when making decisions.  Some of those questions include: “How are underserved groups affected?” and “How does this (decision) reduce or increase disparities?” -- just to name a few.  As we continue to implement the Equity Lens, we will be communicating our efforts with you in a number of ways, including our website and our District newsletter.  Equity is front-and-center within our Strategic Plan, and we are working on ways to help make the use of that lens, among other equity-related issues and strategies, at the forefront of our thinking.

Finally, as I write this message to you, I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude --  gratitude for the opportunity I have been given to be your superintendent. This is my ninth year serving in this role in the Sherwood School District, and I feel as though I have truly been blessed to be a part of the Sherwood community and the family that is the Sherwood School District staff.  Our Strategic Plan guides the work we do, and within that plan are our District Values; at the very top of that list is Relationships -- “We believe the foundation of all we do is based on genuine, caring connections with others, where learning one another’s stories is of utmost importance.”  That value and belief is manifested in so many different ways -- with our staff as they work together to do the important work that happens in our classrooms everyday, and our schools, who all have a goal focused on relationships within their School Improvement Plans. My experiences in this community over the course of the last nine years is no different -- and for the opportunity to serve you, I thank you.


Heather Cordie

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